Dear Transgender, Intersex, Genderqueer,
and Non-Binary persons,

The Living Canvas in partnership with Nothing Without a Company (NWaC) is developing a new work of theatre created and devised by trans voices titled [Trans]formation.  As such, we are reaching out to the trans community for submissions; we are looking for stories, paintings, poems, allegories, songs, or any work of art that explores the naked truth of being trans. These works may be happy, heartbreaking, funny, tragic, uplifting, or any other kind of story so long as it is honest and explores transformation.  

Trans stories told by trans voices.  We want your story, told by you, at the level of participation you feel most comfortable with.  Join us as a contributor, an advisor, a performer, or any/all of the above.

The Living Canvas is an exploration of the expressive power of the human form.  We make works of theatre actualized by nude performers under projections of photographs, paintings, or beautiful light.  Our venture is to highlight the beauty in every body and tell stories that encourage body acceptance and love. For this particular project, we are adjusting our performance model to be better inclusive of trans/intersex/genderqueer performers: our definition of “nude” will be adjusted to prevent potential instances of gender dysphoria.

Nothing Without a Company is planting theatre around Chicago with all forms of media to empower self and community through immersive and revolutionary acts of art in site-specific and reclaimed environments.

Pieces should not exceed three (3) minutes or five (5) pages in length.  If you are submitting a video or song, please do not exceed five (5) minutes in length. Attach written works as a Word Document or PDF, visual art and photography as .jpeg, and for videos please include a link to an Unlisted YouTube video link.  

If your work is selected as a part of the final production, we will notify you and discuss casting preferences for your piece.  We want to collaborate with you, and tell your story in an honest and respectful way.

If you would like to be considered as a performer, please attach your Headshot and Resume and include “PERFORMER” in the title of your e-mail, along with your name.

Please e-mail your submission to thelivingcanvas.nwac@gmail.com no later than March 31st, 2016.  Questions may be addressed to our Literary Manager, Kevin Sparrow at this address, though other members of our selection committee may review and respond to your e-mail.  

Although we would love to use every submission, we are only given a limited amount of stage time to perform [Trans]formation. We hope to use every submission as a part of the larger discussion we hope this production will inspire: anything that does not end up on our stage will be included in our dramaturgy/lobby display and/or be featured in our program booklet.

Submissions will be reviewed and selected by Kevin Sparrow (NWaC Literary Manager and Company Member), Gaby Labotka (Director/Deviser, The Living Canvas Company Member, and NWaC Company Member), Ronen Kohn (Lead Deviser, The Living Canvas Company Member), and Romeo Green (Dramaturg, NWaC Company Member).  

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your work; we are very excited for this mass collaboration in storytelling!