Nothing Without a Company is seeking submissions of new plays for our 13th Season (Fall 2018-Summer 2019). Our company’s mission is “planting theatre around Chicago to empower self and community through immersive and revolutionary acts of art in site-specific and reclaimed environments.”

To that end, we are looking for work that has environment specifically in mind. The use of non-traditional staging should be clear from script itself, meaning the play can take place in limited locations, whether that is in a garage, a park, a firehouse, an art gallery, or a bar, or be otherwise  adaptable to non-theater spaces. Our aim is to continue providing unexpected immersive experiences to Chicago audiences. Please list prospective performance spaces within Chicago when submitting your work.

Submission levels of all types are encouraged, including fully formed scripts or works in progress. If submitting a piece that needs to be workshopped, include a timeline along with a list of people currently involved in the project.

Our current and upcoming seasons are focused on themes of personal change and realignment of identity, and we are especially looking for work that can expand outward from these topics, either through their narrative structures or their devising possibilities. We especially support LGBTQIA artists by providing a safe and creative space to explore their voices and talents. We want to tell stories that are focused on individual and community growth and that highlight intersecting issues of identity.

Submission Details:

-- Please send full-length, one-act, and other length scripts along with short synopsis and  artist biography. Alternatively, a one- to two-page description of a devised theatre piece or work-in-progress can be sent along with any accompanying scripted material.

Send submissions for consideration to:
Kevin Sparrow, Literary Manager

-- Scripts should be received by 11:59pm on March 27, 2017. Follow-up on decisions and communication back to writers will happen in mid-April.