Director -  Rose Freeman
Artistic Director/Producer - Anna Rose Ii-Epstein
Co-Producer - Jason Weinberg
Executive Producer - Danilo Kovilic
Casting Director - Kaitlin Carver
Assistant Director - Edgar Sanchez
Adapter - Michael Wise
Stage Manager - Sarah Collonge
Assistant Stage Manager - Xan Belzley
Head Wrangler - Hannah Ii-Epstein
Puppets/Prop Designer - Jimmy Jagos
Costume Designer - Jesselyn Ewing
Fight Choreographer - Will Bennet


King of Hearts/Musician - David Fink
Alice - Stephanie Shum
Guinea Pig 1/Mouse/Fish Footman - Val Lyvers
Guinea Pig 2/Frog Footman/Caucaus Animals - Dani Loumena
White Rabbit - Gage Wallace
Queen of Hearts/ Doormouse - Anya Clingman
Cheshire Cat/3 Cards/Gryphon - Rashaad Hall
Duchess/Bill - Autumn Teague
Mad Hatter/Caterpillar - Romeo Green
March Hare/Cook - Will Bennet
Flag Person/Knave of Hearts/ Mock Turtle - Brandon Boler