It starts on the street. The audience is split up into two separate groups. One follows Amos, who begins walking down the street to his apartment. As we follow him, he catches up with his friend from work and we eavesdrop on their conversation--he must retrieve a file, or his boss is going to fire him. The night gradually gets more and more tense as we follow him into his home, where we meet up with the second audience. They've been following Nadine, his sometimes-roommate-always best friend, and she has a completely different side of the story.

She's an out of work actress having a tough day, and knowing that Amos is there with his work friend AND his soon-to-be-arriving girlfriend is too much to bear. What happens next is a mix of he-said-she-said melodrama mixed with high-flying off the cuff antics as two different audiences see two plays at the same time. At the end of the first act, the audiences come together to see the final scene--together. Then?

They leave and take the other person's side. The Nadine audience becomes the Amos audience, and we see the different perspective. Was Nadine a crazy controlling presence, or was Amos an uptight and neglectful friend?

It depends on whose side you're already on.



Writer/Director - Evan Fillian
Writer/Director - Ike Holter


Anna Rose Epstein
Stewart Calhoun
Rawhide Cruz
Mary Williamson
Joey Boren