In a small park in the heart of Boyztown, the future collides with the past: for only 45 minutes.

Kenny and Max, a young couple in the early stages of "mega-love", encounter a crazed woman who claims to be from the future.

Their initial hesitation slowly turns into the realization that the woman is correct; she only has a short amount of time to pass on information that could change the entire corse of history.

The young love is tested, both by this specter from the future and Kenny's power-hungry best friend, who may hold the key to the destruction that the woman warned--or may be their only hope.

FUTUREPAST deals with issues of connection and confidence in an ever-changing world that's never quite as bad as you think it is.



Writer - Ike Holter
Director - Anna Rose Ii-Epstein
Stage Manager - Derek Van Tassel
Dramaturg - Evan Fillon
Casting - Patty Corcoran
Sound Designer - S. Rick J. Blythe
Props and Set Design - Marissa Hughes
Trailer - Danny Fogarty and Hannah Ii-Epstein


Jon Sharlow
Maggie Schultz
Jared Lorenzo
Tegan Smith