NWaC produced a “sneak-peak” version of GAMING that had six musical numbers that went up during Sunday of ABBIE FEST at Mary-Arrchie Theatre Company.

GAMING is a lighthearted, comedic Role-playing Musical (inspired by Dungeons and Dragons) that follows a collective of gamers into the world they play in. This show explores the idea of acceptance and self-esteem through a challenging fantasy adventure tale. The group of gamers deals with theories of relationships and sexuality while the game is concerned with reclaiming a stolen monarchy.



Writer/Props Designer -  Hannah Ii-Epstein
Directer - Anna Rose Ii-Epstein
Stage Manager - Kortney Kwong Hing
Dramaturg - Auggie Cohlima
Lighting Designer - Stephanie Jo Bell


Scotty Barrons
Patty Corcoran
Ashley Devane
William Gellespie
Rashaad Hall
Bobby Hoffman
Charlotte Long
Darrin Luginski
Conor McChill
Lyndee McPeek
Donna Ray
Rayme Silverberg
Tegan Smith
Michael Solomon
Myles Young