Fresh off a successful run at Steppenwolf Garage and an extension at Theater on the Lake with his last show, Hit the Wall, Ike Holter now brings us his next installment with LOOM.

Joss, Rian and Anderson haven't seen each other in a decade.  On a cold November evening in Minnesota, they reunite for a late-night anniversary party that marks the disappearance of their best friend, Sarah Willis.   As night morphs into morning, Joss reveals a master plan, years in the making:  He knows a way to finally find Sarah.  As the clock ticks down to dawn, the limits of old friendships get tested, the past bleeds into the present, and something in the sky creeps closer and closer.



Writer - Ike Holter
Director - Brea Hayes
Producing Artistic Director - Anna Rose Ii-Epstein
Producer/Space Designer - Tim Frank
Producer - Josh Sumner
Marketing/Poster Designer - Jenifer Dorman
Dramaturg - Kendra Miller
Stage Manager - Ariel Welch
Assistant Director - JD Cannady


Josh - David Seeber
Rian - Pat Whalen
Anderson - Brian Rad
Becky - Sasaan Jamshidi
Sara (Voice Over) - Jessica Marks