The sequel to AS IT IS/LIKE IT WAS.

It's two years later, and Nadine is still crashing at Amos's house.

Whatever happened in the final scene of AS IT IS has made Nadine's relationship with Amos (and his new girlfriend April a straining, breaking thin line.

As Nadine live-blogs from the living room, the psycho events of AS IT IS begin to return, including musical numbers, dark-twins, fight scenes and a plot that puts Amos's very life on the line.

Nadine must jump into action--she realizes that she must save Amos from his horrible life choices by slaying his girlfriend, April (or, as she has become: Dark April).

As the play draws to a close, we realize that sometimes the far-fetched reality we create for ourselves is just a poor excuse for facing the cold hard truth.


Writer/Director - Evan Fillon
Writer/Director - Ike Holter
Wrangler - Hannah Michaelson
Camera - Austin Talley


Mary Williamson
Mackenzie Yeager
Stewart Calhoun
Anna Rose Ii-Epstein
Rawhide Cruz
Loresa Grigsby
Edger Sanchez
Courtney Peacock
Wes Perry
David Hairwood
Evan Fillon
Ike Holter