During the fall of 2008, Zack Geoffroy and Hannah Michaelson collaborated on a freak-show, Bruce Campbell-esque thriller that would move the site-specific nature of NWaC into a whole new environment.

With ZOMBIES ATTACK CHICAGO, NWaC took over the closed-off upstairs of THE SPOT and recreated what a zombie invasion would look, feel, (And sometimes) smell like.

Using planted actors, the audience become slowly immersed in the show, not knowing who was in on the gag or who was just another audience member.

This "choose your own adventure" style of storytelling was a big success, and the one-night-only fundraiser got a prime slot as a full production in the 2009 season which the funds were used for.


Writer/Director - Zach Geoffroy
Writer/Stage Manager/Video - Hannah Ii-Epstein
Props/Blood - Marisa Hughes


Eric Cartier
Evan Fillon
Jill Sandmire
Joey Boren
Jordan Eastwood
Ky Rankin
Laura Mahler
Maximillian Lapine
Megan Householter
Michael Trojan
Walter Briggs
Zack Geoffroy