After the success of the first incarnation, ZOMBIES ATTACK CHICAGO II took the same location, style and in-your-face-narrative back with a new team of actors in 2009.

    This time, a government agent--an actor not seen before his scene--blurred the line between fiction and reality by entering the space and telling the audience that (wait for it)--a zombie invasion had begun!



Story - Zach Geoffroy
Director - Anna Rose Ii-Epstein
Assistant Directed by Danni Parpan
Production Management by Anya Clingman
Scene and Props by Marissa Hughes
Sound Design by Miguel Torres
Costume by Shaina Van Selus
Fight Choreography by Jessica Erin Bennett


Brandon Boler
Jorden Eastwood
Lynn Jackson
Darrin Luginski
Danni Parpan
Edgar Sanchez
Jill Sandmire
Miguel Torres
Derrick York
Gordy Andina
Clinton Reyna