Nothing Without a Company will open its 10th Anniversary Season with immersive and interactive multi-media dramatization of nine traditional folktales from cultures around the world. The stories will re-visit the voice and culture of their origins in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, while shedding new light on these tales and celebrating the stories we share. In NWaC’s tradition, audiences will interact with the environment surrounding them, providing one of the most unique theater experiences in Down the Moonlit Path, created and directed by Rachel Staelens and adapted by Tate A. Geborkoff, will be performed promenade style with multi-media and multi-disciplinary performances including puppetry, dance, music and poetry. It will be performed at The Preston Bradley Center in Mason Hall, 941 W. Lawrence Ave., in an open performance space especially painted and designed for this environmental production.

In the stories of Down the Moonlit Path, kings are humbled, witches lurk in shadows, children are heroes, and transformation reigns. The nine stories are “Hansel & Grethel” (German), “The Hummingbird and the Shepherdess” (Peruvian), “How Morning Star Lost Her Fish” (Iroquois/Haudenosaunee), “The Storks and the Night Owl” (German, Iraqi), “Cunnie-Mo’n-Father” (Jamaican, West African), “The Twin Brothers” (Congolese), “Hans, Who Made the Princess Laugh” (Norwegian), “Mangita & Larina” (Filipino), and “The Crane Wife” (Japanese).

Full descriptions and additional background on the stories can be found at the Down the Moonlit Path companion site!