Josh Sumner

Josh Sumner (he/him) came to Chicago in 2002 to attend the Masters Program at The Theater School, DePaul University and never left the city.  Lucky for him, he found this group of great people to work with. After serving as President of the Board for a few years, Josh became a full time company member of Nothing Without a Company. You may have seen his work as a Producer in our 2012 hit LOOM, as a Director for The Big Bad Spooktacular 2013, or as a performer in our 24 Hour Fest and Fight Night! in 2014. Josh has also worked with other local theaters such as Route 66, First Folio, Infamous Commonwealth, Emerald City, Chicago Dramatists, and Greasy Joan and Company, as well as other local and regional theaters across the Midwest and southern United States. Josh's lead role in 2008's The Human Trace helped it earn the award for Best Feature Film at the Cedar Rapids Film Festival. He currently works at The Goodman Theatre, where he is the Facility Coordinator. Josh is also a lover of gardening and solar panels, and spends much of his day dreaming of perpetual motion machines.