Kevin Sparrow

(Literary Manager

Kevin (they/them) is a writer, performer, and curiosity who utilizes text to create performances, performance to create text, and both to create responses that provoke inquiry and participation. With Nothing Without a Company, they co-devised and performed in [Trans]formation (2016) and acted as Dramaturg for Down the Moonlit Path (2015) as well as performed and have written for Nothing Without a Company's 24-Hour Play Festivals. Kevin has been involved in solo and group performance work in local venues including Dank Haus, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Northwestern University, the Art Institute of Chicago; nationally in New York, Denver, Kansas City, and Pittsburgh; and internationally in Wellington, New Zealand. They also are a current co-coordinator of the monthly artists’ salon series, HI typ/O, and served as Production Manager for the IN>TIME Performance Festival in Winter 2016 and Assistant Director of the Out of Site Performance Series in Summer 2015.