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Sharon Krome presents


In Asociation with Nothing Without a Company & The Chicago Mosaic School


2017 Northwestern Graduate and Chicago playwright Sharon Krome presents the World Premiere of her play, ThroatPunch in association with Nothing Without a Company, running from May 8th to June 3rd.

The production will be held at the Chicago Mosaic School. A trio of misfits try to survive Reagan-Era politics, the evolving Chicago punk scene, police violence, and each other in this music-studded world premiere.

Cast & Crew:

Our talented cast features: Tarina Bradshaw (Cyn), Adam Huizenga (Zig), and Alicia Jade (Nat). Our motley crue of crew include: Sharon Krome (writer, co-producer), Anna Rose Ii-Epstein (director, co-producer), McKenzie Wilkes (stage manager), Ivori Skye (assistant director), Devonte E. Washington (lighting & sound Designer), Kevin Sparrow (dramaturg). Bands featured: The Effigies, Bad Brains, and Black Flag.

About ThroatPunch:

1983: Chicago punk has finally caught up to the coasts. In the brutal time of Reagan politics, police violence, and the looming threat of nuclear war (sounds familiar right?) a trio of 'friends' try to navigate the punk scene. Tensions quickly emerge as Zig, the leader of the group and proud British punk attempts to transform Cyn, a Georgetown transplant, and Nat, a conservative Jewish girl from Skokie, into proper punks.

Statement from playwright, Sharon Krome:

I don’t come from a theater community. Growing up, listening to music with friends was the most ‘cultured’ it would get. Theater seemed like this intimidating place - a place I assumed I didn’t belong in. Then I had a playwriting class with Thomas Bradshaw - where he taught me that theater can be vibrant and challenging.

Though set in 1983, the Reagan-era politics and police brutality eerily parallel today’s tense socio-political climate. Punk emerged out of a longing for community. In our fractured time of technology, social media, and volatile politics, I believe themes like isolation and a deep need for community are relevant now more than ever.

Statement from director, Anna Rose Ii-Epstein:

When I was younger my friends would put on punk or metal and I’d put my hands to my ears and ask, “what are they saying? I don’t get it. Why are they so mad?” This coming from a privileged jewish white girl whose dad was the #1 bar & bat mitzvah DJ in Houston, Texas. So I was as surprised as you are that I married a Hawaiian punk rocker. She slowly introduced me to the different subgenres and talked to me about the history of punk.

When I read this play I was shocked at how current it is even though it takes place in the 80’s. There are some real world problems including drug addiction, cop violence, and loneliness in the play plus the mix of site-specific storytelling and live music. It carries its own tune. It’s engaging. It’s punk. I’ve come to appreciate punk not only as music but as a lifestyle and I am honored and thrilled to be directing ThroatPunch.



ThroatPunch - World Premiere

Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes. No Intermission.

Recommended for ages 17+ (contains profanity and simulated drug use)



Previews: Tuesday May 8 at 8pm, Wednesday May 9 at 8pm

Press Opening: Thursday, May 10th at 8pm

Regular run: May 10th - June 3rd,

Thursdays at 8pm, Friday at 8pm Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 7pm



The Chicago Mosaic School

1101 W Granville Ave, Chicago, IL 60660


How Much:

Previews: General Admission $10, Student/Industry $5

Regular Run:

Responsible Adult (GA): $20

Not-so Responsible (Student & Industry discount): $10

Strapped for Cash: Free on select days

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Sharon Krome