Dear Transgender, Intersex, Genderqueer,
and Non-Binary persons,

The Living Canvas in partnership with Nothing Without a Company (NWaC) is developing a new work of theatre created and devised by trans voices titled [Trans]formation.  As such, we are reaching out to the trans community for submissions; we are looking for stories, paintings, poems, allegories, songs, or any work of art that explores the naked truth of being trans. These works may be happy, heartbreaking, funny, tragic, uplifting, or any other kind of story so long as it is honest and explores transformation.

The Living Canvas is an exploration of the expressive power of the human form.  We make works of theatre actualized by nude performers under projections of photographs, paintings, or beautiful light.  Our venture is to highlight the beauty in every body and tell stories that encourage body acceptance and love. For this particular project, we are adjusting our performance model to be better inclusive of trans/intersex/genderqueer performers: our definition of “nude” will be adjusted to prevent potential instances of gender dysphoria.